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Zombie vs Rodriguez - Fight of the year and KO of the year!

MMASHARE Tweet: Fight of the year and ko of the year, in all seriousness I think if Yair gets 1 more win he's looking at a title shot no one at featherweight is really deserving right now, Rodriguez with this hype and highlight reel ko puts him right up there especially knowing UFC wants to bring that Mexican crowd, he needs to fix his boxing and work on his head movement, he was eating alot of straights and jabs that he shouldn't be getting hit with.
Wasn't a big fan of all the stopping the action Yair did to "take in the moment" or whatever you want to call it. Especially the last time when there was only 10 seconds left on the clock, I think that threw zombie off his rhythm and made him want to chase Yair at the end to put a stamp on the end of the fight and ended up running onto some crazy elbow that you just would not expect regardless, but eh, fair play to Pantera. Great fight and hats off to both warriors. Zombie vs Rodriguez Full Fight Video

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